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WW-19 Cee Gee Jones
On time
Updated: Oct 24 at 12:00 AM
WW-20 Janel Fenton/Ann Younker
On time
Updated: Oct 24 at 12:00 AM
WW-21 Shirley Jones
On time
Updated: Oct 24 at 12:00 AM
WW-22 Don Jones
On time
Updated: Oct 24 at 12:00 AM
WW-23S Laura Lancaster
On time
Updated: Oct 24 at 12:00 AM

Our Students

All students deserve an opportunity to successfully learn in a safe and caring environment.


Education must include a global focus which values cultural diversity and celebrates our Canadian heritage.


Long-term facility planning will consider both current and future needs.

Jurisdiction Values

Celebrate success and recognize excellence.

School Bus Safety

Reds Flashing. No Passing!
It's everyone's responsibility.

What's Happening at Irma School

Oct 19 - Mom's Pantry

As part of the Outdoor Education Class, students are able to go on a three day/two night excursion.  This year, they wi...

Oct 17 - Morning Snack Program

The Irma School introduced a Morning Snack Program last year after seeing a need in students who were starting their sch...

Oct 17 - School Bus Safety Week October 17-21

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY WEEK OCTOBER 17-21, 2016: Please take an opportunity to thank your bus drivers for the wonderful jo...

Upcoming Events

Oct 24 - ECS
Oct 26 - ECS
Oct 26 - Pizza Lunch
Oct 28 - Awards Night
Oct 31 - ECS

Photo Gallery

Oct 19 - Reading Rockets

Irma's Reading Rockets are soaring higher with performing the books they take home & read each night!

Oct 19 - K Firehall Visit

Kindergarten students visited the Irma Fire Department this afternoon as part of Fire Safey Week.  

Oct 13 - Grade 3/4 Skeletons

The grade 3-4 class learn the names of the bones in the human body.

Oct 13 - Vermilion X-Country Run

Irma School had four athletes compete in Vermilion in the BTPS Jr. High run. Even though they were faced with freezing c...

Oct 5 - Grade 9 Leadership Class

The Leadership 9 class helps out with raking a yard in the community.

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